Advantages of using integrated pipe gallery

- Sep 06, 2019-

1. Improved the urban environment.

It eliminates the poles of communication and power systems that are erected over the city and on the storefront, eliminating the contradiction between overhead lines and greening, and effectively improving the urban environment.


2. Reduce the maintenance costs of various engineering pipelines.

The laying, addition, reduction and maintenance of various pipelines can be carried out directly in the integrated pipe gallery, greatly reducing the cost of multiple refurbishment of the road surface and the maintenance cost of the engineering pipeline.


3. Ensure that the road function is fully utilized.

Avoid the impact and interference of traffic and residents' travel due to the frequent excavation of underground pipelines, and ensure smooth road traffic.


4. Effective use of urban underground space.

All kinds of municipal pipelines are intensively arranged in the integrated pipe gallery, which realizes the “three-dimensional arrangement” of the pipelines, replacing the traditional “planar staggered arrangement”. The pipeline layout is compact and reasonable, reducing the occupation of underground pipelines below and on both sides of the road. The area saves urban land.


5. Ensure the stability and safety of various types of pipelines in the city and reduce the maintenance costs.

All kinds of pipelines are protected by integrated pipe gallery, no contact with soil and groundwater, avoiding its durability. At the same time, there is inspection and maintenance space in the pipe gallery. Maintenance managers can regularly enter the integrated pipe gallery for inspection, inspection and maintenance management to ensure All kinds of pipelines are stable and safe.