Advantages of using the core vibration process

- Dec 20, 2019-

1. Through the adjustment of the vibration force and amplitude of the inner mold during molding, the concrete is compacted with the best vibration force to obtain C50 high-strength pipe concrete, which makes the pipeline's load resistance and impermeability better than centrifugal and suspension roller processes Significantly enhanced.

2. The stern tube reinforced mesh protection layer of this process is uniform, and there will be no centrifugal, suspended roll process reinforcement mesh displacement, jump bars, parallel bars, loose bars, etc., which guarantees the service life of the pipe for 50 years.

3. After the vertical core mold vibrating pipe making process is completed, the concrete is rotated and squeezed again in the axial direction, which effectively increases the strength and verticality of the nozzle, and the construction and installation are smooth.

4. The roundness and diameter of the shaped stern tube are standard, the tube body has no seam, and the smoothness of the inner wall of the tube is significantly improved compared with the centrifugal process and the suspension roll process.