Attention to the installation of concrete manhole

- Dec 10, 2019-

1. Check the connection and installation sequence of well base and pipeline. The installation should start from the upstream section of the household pipe, install in the order of well-pipe-well-pipe, and gradually extend to the downstream branch pipe and trunk pipe.

2. The construction method of the connection between the well joint and the pipeline shall be the same as the construction method of the pipeline connection of the same type of joint.

3. The connection between the well and the inlet pipe and the discharge pipe needs to be reduced. When using different diameter joints, when the inlet pipe diameter is smaller than the well interface pipe diameter, the pipe top should be connected flat; when the well outlet pipe is larger than the downstream pipe, , Should be connected to the inner bottom of the pipe.

4. When the pipe uses variable angle joints or spherical joints to adjust the slope, when the pipe diameter is 315mm, special tools should be used, and chain wrenches must not be used.

5. The installation of additional joints should be based on the size of the wellbore and the diameter of the connecting pipe. Special tools should be used to make holes in the well wall. The circumferential edges of the holes should be flat.

6. When the groundwater level is high or during the construction in the rainy season, when the installation of the pipeline (including the inspection well) is completed (but no irrigation test has been performed), technical measures to prevent the well from floating up should be taken.