Centrifuge management

- May 16, 2019-

Centrifuge management, from the use of centrifuges in many years in China, all types of centrifuges should be managed and maintained by special personnel. High and ultra-speed centrifuges require regular inspection and maintenance. Users should record the experimental status and maintenance conditions in detail to ensure the safe use of the centrifuge. High and low speed centrifuges can be used by themselves after reading the instructions and training the centrifuge operating procedures. The structure of the ultracentrifuge is complicated, the working procedure is also cumbersome, and the accident is easy to occur, and the centrifugal head should be carefully maintained and used. From the perspective of domestic use and management for many years, the storage and operation of special personnel is the guarantee that the instrument is in good condition. Management and operation personnel should be trained so that they are not only familiar with the operation, but also should understand the instrument.