Concrete pipe vibration machine status and development

- Nov 16, 2019-

Due to the economic development and the expansion of the city scale, China's urban sewage discharge continues to rise; the environmental awareness has increased, the sewage book stand, the urban sewage pipe network and the sewage treatment project have been newly built, and the demand for medium and large caliber drain pipes has increased significantly. The original traditional process can not meet the requirements in terms of product quality and output. Moreover, due to the increase in labor costs and the increasingly tight energy such as electricity and coal, the production cost of reinforced concrete drainage pipes is increasing and the market competition is fierce.

With the above problems intensified, the core mold vibration process has emerged, which has the characteristics of high production efficiency, high degree of automation, good product quality, energy saving and environmental protection, and is valued by the pipe industry.

In the long run, the use of advanced pipe-making technology is the direction for the development of enterprises and the progress of the company itself and the drainage pipe industry.