Concrete Spun Pole Making Machine

- Aug 02, 2019-

Product Description

 KQ series concrete roof tile production line is a automatic extrusion production system, it is suitable for the region that have big market, it is a large-scale concrete roof tile production equipment. The production process puts sand, cement, water and other raw materials into the mixer, after mixing, forming, tinting color, acrylic coating, racking, maintaining, releasing mould, it is finished. All the process is controlled automaticly. Just need to change different extrusion head and the mould, can produce different shape of tiles. The advantage of the system is higher capacity, more automatic, simple technological process, easy to operate.

1. KQ8-128 Automatic Concrete Roof Tile Machine Features

  1. High speed of forming, high output and reliable performance. Using PLC(Mitsubishi technology) automatic control, hydraulic pneumatic, the production speed can up to 6-8 pieces/min, in a high yield and a better cost performance.

  2. Prodcuts by pressure filtration pressure forming, beautiful structure, variety, high density and strength, precise size, can meet the demands of various types of buildings, are quality products of concrete products.

  3. A multi-purpose machine, through the replacement of mould, the machine can produce various types main tile and matching tiles.

2. Technological Process 

  Sand, cement, water---Mixer---Dosing machine---Spray rlease agent---Tile forming machine---Tile shelf---Demould---Tile Yard---Maintenance

3. Technical parameter

1 Product Name KQ8-128

2 Overall Dimension 3300*1600*2480mm(Installed)

3 Moulding Cycle 6-9 Pieces/Min

4 Forming Method Hydraulic Pressure(No Vibration)

5 Moulding Pressure 128-180 Ton

6 Weight of Main Machine 5 Ton

7 Equipped Power 7.5 KW

8 Mixer Power 5.5 KW

9 Capacity 3000-4000 Pieces/Shift(8 Hours)

10 Main Tile Size 420*330mm(Customized)

11 Operated Workers 3-4 Persons

12 Mould Type CNC Making(Automatic)

4. Production Line Composition

1 Main Roof Tile Making Machine 1 Set

2 Constant Feeder Machine/Quantitative Feeder Machine 1 Set

3 Mixer for Concrete Roof Tile 1 Set

4 Elevator with Bucket 1 Set

5 Mould for Concrete Roof Tile (At least)1 Set

6 Pallets for Concrete Roof Tile 2000 Pieces

7 Concrete Roof Tile Painting Machine 1 Set

8 Air Comprssor 1 Set