High Efficient Rebar Roll Welding Machine for Reinforced Concrete Telegraph Pole

- Aug 02, 2019-

Product Description

Cage welding tank and material plate support both adopt new>Man-machine interaction surface, digital intellectual control;
Frequency conversion control, easy adjustment, energy saving, one just needs to press the start button to accomplish the whole automatic welding process which shall save the man power and increase efficiency;
The welding process can be paused freely and you can adjust the position of main engine,material plate and small trolley meanwhile. It needn't to calculate ahead and afterwards quota after re-starting.
Without wearing of the whole parts of material plate shall save the cost.
The welding arm adopts industrial direct trail to run smoothly. It realizes close tracking of variable diameter structure and avoids open solder.
Variable diameter structure adopts industrial trail and gearing transmission to realize small errors and smooth transmission.
Conductive rings are made of alloy red cooper to realize good conductivity and wear-resisting.
Rapid turning of small trolley, automatic cage unloading.
Cage>Welding concrete cage length      7m~15m
Number of longitudinal steel bar 10\12\14\16\18\20
Diameter of longitudinal steel bar Ø10\ Ø12\ Ø14\ Ø16
Diameter of circle steel bar  Ø3.5-Ø6
Bolt pitch of cage    0-150mm
Line speed of welding(max.) 3000mm/min  
Driving power      8.4KW
Welding power    200KVA
Main engine rotate speed   0-64r/min
Control method   Automatic
Welder power   380V±5%/50HZ