Industrial centrifuge

- Jun 26, 2019-

Industrial centrifuge is one of the main equipments in the chemical industry. It mainly separates solid and liquid by centrifugal force, generally consists of feeding, washing, dewatering, knives, unloading, etc., among which feeding, washing, knives, unloading The material is controlled by a solenoid valve and a pneumatic valve. The centrifugal kettle is the main component for solid-liquid separation, and is driven by a three-phase AC motor through a belt. According to the characteristics of the process, the material is mainly solid-liquid mixture at the beginning stage. The load is relatively large when starting. When a certain speed is reached, the liquid flows out from the outside of the centrifuge under the action of centrifugal force, so that part of the liquid is separated first, with the motor speed. Further improvement, the load is also reduced accordingly. According to the process requirements, it is generally divided into several different speeds to achieve the separation effect. Second, the application of the frequency converter on the centrifuge.