Introduction to main functions of concrete pipe centrifugal machine

- Sep 19, 2019-

Concrete pipe centrifugal machine main performance is the mixing of concrete, and the main material is composed of cement, fly ash, water, liquid admixture, powder admixture, aggregate and other materials, and the whole process is fully automated. Man-made operation is ideal for companies that need large ready-mixed concrete.

Main feature:

1. There is no need to carry out manual cleaning in the whole mixer. When mixing is carried out early, there will be no sticky mixing shaft, sticky barrel cover, etc.

2. The overall hopper of the equipment is made of wear-resistant technology. This design makes the material durable and has a service life of more than 5 times. The most important thing is that it will not damage the bucket.

3. For the design of the additive scale, the equipment is anti-infiltration technology, which ensures the safety of the entire concrete production process.

4. In the design of the water scale, the new type of pressurized water discharge technology is adopted, which can realize rapid addition and subtraction and control the concrete slumping speed.

5. The entire equipment is designed with templating design, high degree of Industrialization, easy installation and commissioning, and can be quickly installed.

6. The whole process of feeding the equipment is closed, which can minimize the impact on the environment.

7. The entire control system of the device is simple and convenient, easy for workers to operate, stable in performance, continuous production operation, and intelligent alarm in case of failure.