Main structure and function of concrete pipe making machine

- Dec 03, 2019-

1.The main frame part is the main body of the suspension roller machine, which mainly supports the suspension roller shaft, and at the same time transmits the power of the motor to the suspension roller shaft through the pulley. It consists of a frame, a bearing assembly, a transmission shaft, and a pulley.

2.Suspended roller shaft parts are used to suspend the pipe mold, and drive the pipe mold to rotate at different speeds to generate roller pressure to meet the process requirements of pipe making. It mainly has coupling flanges, roller shafts, and tapered shaft heads.

3.The mast (also known as movable arm, gantry) part is the supporting part of the other end of the suspension roller shaft. It is mainly composed of left and right columns, movable masts, bearing components, and positioning pins.

4.The power distribution cabinet is used to control the start, stop and speed of the speed-regulating motor. It is mainly composed of housing, electrical appliances, buttons, governor, wires, etc.