Maintenance and repair of machines of concrete pipe centrifugal machine

- Dec 17, 2019-

1. The operation must strictly follow the operating procedures

2. The centrifuge must be operated and maintained by a special person, and it must be fully maintained once after 6 months of use.

3. Frequently check whether the fasteners of various parts of the centrifuge are loose. If abnormal conditions are found, stop the machine and check immediately.

4. Pay attention to check the corrosion of the drum. If the weld seam is cracked or the weld seam is severely corroded, please contact the manufacturer to replace or repair it in time. Do not use unsafe emergency measures such as surface repair welding to avoid adverse consequences.

5. Do cleaning work after the machine is used

6. If the machine is stopped for a long time, all rotating rusty parts must be cleaned and oiled, the transmission belt must be loosened, the power supply on the machine must be cut off, and the work must be dustproof and anticorrosive.

7. After the machine has been running for 2 to 3 months, the main shaft cover must be opened, and the high-pressure oil gun is used to inject the compound calcium-based grease into the oil hole in the center of the main shaft.

8. According to the on-site operation of the centrifuge, formulate the periodic maintenance plan of the centrifuge, that is, the overhaul plan, first set to 1 year.