Mechanical use

- Mar 06, 2021-

Improper press operation or stamping die setups are the leading cause of press damage and downtime. Proper training of press operators and stamping die setters ensures that they operate in the correct process. This will quickly reduce downtime.

Before each shift, add lubricant to the brake shaft of each manipulator. The ball head and other parts are filled with oil gun 20-30 mechanical oil before the shift every day. The clutch part is injected with oil by the oil gun every day before the shift. . Clean the machine before each shift.

Check the fasteners to fill the missing parts. Check the clutch and spring, belt. Check the lubrication of the machine. Check the electrical circuit for damage, aging, and whether the motor or electromagnet is normal. Check the accuracy and wear of the crankshaft guide. Check brakes, clutches, sliders, closing blocks, closing rings. Check the appliance control section. Body table connection bolt detection and adjustment.

According to different machine types and processing requirements of the press, develop targeted and practical safety operation procedures, and carry out necessary post training and safety education. The user and the operator must strictly abide by the regulations and operating procedures of the safety instructions provided by the design and manufacturing unit, and use and repair them correctly.