Operating procedures of mixer

- Dec 24, 2019-

1. Before use, inject oil into the gearbox, discharge turbine and plain bearings.

2. Before starting, check whether the rotating part and the barrel are scratched. If there is a collision, adjust it first.

3. Check whether the inside of the barrel is clean. If it is not clean, clean up the debris in the barrel first.

4. Lock the cylinder limit device before starting, and then start again.

5. After turning on and finding that the steering does not meet the requirements, the power should be turned off, and any two phase wires of the wires should be interchanged and restarted.

6. Put the concrete mix into the barrel and close the cover.

7. Adjust the timing of the appliance according to the stirring time, and pay attention to the adjustment in the case of power failure.

8. Press the start button, the main shaft will drive the stirrer.

9. Automatic stop after reaching the adjustment time.

10.During the mixing, the resistance of the concrete mixing material is too large and the motor is stopped, and the motor is reversed to reduce its resistance, and then press start.

11. Stop the machine when unloading, then release the limit pedal of the cylinder, then move the handle so that the direction of the cylinder is downward to reach the locked position, and then start to discharge the mixed material until it stops after discharging and reset the barrel .

12. Finally, clean the barrel and clean all the sundries in the barrel.