Regular maintenance and upkeep of concrete cage welding machine

- Jan 14, 2020-

1. Periodic maintenance and maintenance determined according to the operation and use of the equipment such as workload and length of use.

2. The roll welding machine is a large-scale equipment. Special attention should be paid to the abnormal vibration and noise of the equipment during work, and the cause should be found in time. 3. Check the tightness of the electrodes, especially the soft conductor and the welding transformer, and check whether the heating of the soft electrode is within the normal range (temperature is not higher than 120 ° C), such as the heating temperature is higher than 150 ° Check whether the heat generation is due to long-term use, the reduction of the conductive area due to oxidation, or whether it is due to loose fastening and heat generation. And take corresponding measures.

4. After the equipment runs for a period of time, the chains and belts will gradually loosen.

5. Change the lubricant in the reducer every six months.

6. Regularly check whether the safety limit is conducting reliably to avoid mechanical damage caused by moving parts exceeding the stroke.