Routine maintenance of concrete cage welding machine

- Dec 06, 2019-

1. Keep equipment clean. Remove the spatters, dirt and dust on the main drive wheel idler, electrode guide and welding electrode of the equipment daily.

2. Check the lubrication of each moving part daily, especially the reducing slide, electrode guide and reducing screw, which must be lubricated daily.

3. Check the electrode working surface for daily wear. If the welding electrode groove is found to be too deep or the adhesion is serious, it should be repaired or replaced immediately.

4. Check the tightening conditions of the flanges at both ends of the central shaft, the bearing housings of the reducing system, and the limit wheel daily. If any loose bolts are found, tighten them immediately.

5. Check the cooling system of the water channel daily for leaks. After the winter work is completed, the residual cooling water in the pipeline must be dried daily to avoid equipment damage. When the cooling water flow is too large in summer, it will cause condensation on the electrode plate Phenomenon, leading to insulation degradation. At this time, dew condensation should be removed, and the amount of cooling water should be adjusted so that no condensation will prevail.