Safe operating procedures of concrete cage welding machine

- Jan 07, 2020-

1. When changing the specification to adjust the position of the slider, be sure to confirm that the bolts are tightened to prevent the slider from flying out during welding and causing an accident.

2. When the equipment runs abnormally, stop the machine immediately to check the cause of the failure, and restart the welding after the fault is removed. When repairing or adjusting the equipment (including adjusting the position of the travel switch and proximity switch), all power to the equipment should be cut off before adjustment or maintenance can be performed. It is strictly forbidden to make adjustments while the equipment is powered on.

3. Before the equipment is powered on, make sure that all personnel are away from the equipment (including the rib reinforcement system and must not cross the rib) to avoid danger.

4. During the welding process of the roll welding machine, the operator must always pay attention to the operating conditions of the equipment, and must not stay away from the equipment and perform other work.

5. The equipment must be well grounded. Once the equipment is found to be leaking electricity during the work, it should immediately stop and cut off all power, and continue to work after troubleshooting.

6. The maintenance and maintenance of the equipment must be done well. The maintenance and maintenance of the equipment are mainly routine maintenance and regular maintenance and maintenance.