The future development trend of centrifugal separator

- Apr 16, 2019-

The future development trend of centrifugal separators will be to strengthen separation performance, develop large centrifugal separators, improve slag discharge mechanism, increase dedicated and combined drum centrifuges, strengthen separation theory research and study centrifugal separation process optimization control technology.

The enhanced separation performance includes increasing the rotation speed of the drum; adding a new driving force during the centrifugal separation process; speeding up the slag pushing speed; increasing the length of the rotating drum to prolong the time of centrifugal sedimentation separation. The development of large-scale centrifugal separators, mainly to increase the diameter of the drum and the use of double-sided drums to improve the processing capacity, so that the equipment investment, energy consumption and maintenance costs of processing unit volume of materials are reduced. In theoretical research, the main research is on the fluid flow condition and the formation mechanism of filter residue in the drum, and the calculation method of minimum resolution and processing capacity is studied.