Automatic Roller Welding Mahine

- Mar 06, 2020-

If we want to build a bridge, we ca n’t rely on cement alone. No one can guarantee the solidity of the bridge in such a project, so we see that the construction of the project is always made of steel bars. Whether it is a bridge or the current high-rise building, it is inseparable from the support of steel bars. However, when such a large project is encountered, the demand for steel bars will increase greatly, and various types are required, and the steel bars are rolled. Welder is one of the necessary equipment. The one that plays the most supporting role is actually the steel cage. However, if a steel cage is manually welded, it may take a long time, and manual welding cannot guarantee the quality. Some places with high accuracy are prone to deviations. The efficiency is slow, so now everyone has given up manual welding, and instead use steel cages to complete it.


Reinforced cage roll welding machine is a computer-controlled rebar processing equipment. Its appearance has completely replaced the previous manual bundling of rebar cages, which has comprehensively improved efficiency and saved time. And it provides quality assurance for the construction of the project, so now it has become one of the essential equipment for bridges and tall buildings.


The advantages of the steel bar welding machine are: 1. Fast speed, 2 meters long, generally 5-15

minutes can weld a steel cage. 2. Reliable quality, more intelligent, and can ensure the distance between the main tendon and the coil tendon without any slight deviation. 3, material savings, compared to 1.5% of the material saved by manpower.

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