Core Mold Vibration Equipment Features

- Apr 06, 2019-

1. Highly mechanized and automated production, high production efficiency and low labor occupation;

2. Production is not limited by the number of models;

3. A specification product is produced using a set of models with extremely high precision;

4. Dry hard concrete is used, the amount of cementing material is small, and the cost is reduced;

5. Dry-hard concrete, high-frequency vibration molding, concrete does not cause delamination and segregation, and the concrete strength of the pipe body is high and the homogeneity is good;

6. After molding, the mold is released immediately, and the number of models is small, which greatly reduces the cost of putting the model into use;

7. Use natural or low temperature (30 40 ° C) steam curing method to save energy;

8. Formable with base and non-circular reinforced concrete pipe;

9. Improvement of production environment, low labor intensity, and civilized production;