Mandrel Vibration

- Mar 26, 2019-

The core mold vibration pipe making machine relates to the technical field of manufacturing equipment of cement pipes, in particular, a flexible concrete interface, a steel socket top pipe, a slotted construction or a jacking construction circular shaped concrete pipe forming device. The vibrating rod core of the core mode vibrator is connected to the vibrating rod body through a bearing, and a belt type transmission device is arranged between the output shaft of the motor and the driven wheel, and the main bearing seat is coaxially fixedly connected at the upper end of the driven wheel, and is arranged above the main bearing seat. The vibrating rod core, the lower end of the vibrating rod core is fixedly connected with the spline, and the spline sleeve is coaxially fixed at the upper end of the main bearing seat, and the spline is fitted in the spline sleeve. The spline transmission of the utility model has a multi-tooth transmission, high bearing capacity, small stress concentration, small weakening of the strength of the shaft and the hub, the service life of the vibrator is lengthened, the transmission torque is large, the efficiency is high, and the production efficiency and energy utilization are improved. rate.