The Market Prospect Of Sharing Cement Pipe Making Machines Is Getting Wider And Wider

- Apr 08, 2020-

Cement pipe making machines are machines and equipment for producing cement pipes. In the long history of the development of China's cement product machinery, three different cement pipe making machines have gradually appeared. According to their structural types, they can be divided into vertical extrusion pipe making machines , Centrifugal tube making machine and hanging roller machine, these three kinds of mechanical equipment can be used to produce concrete pipes with different uses and different pipe diameters. Let us briefly introduce:

1. Vertical extrusion pipe making machine: mainly suitable for the production of unreinforced water pipes with a length of less than 1 meter and an internal diameter of 200-1000mm. This kind of pipe is only suitable for projects that do not require pressure, such as farmland irrigation and shallow water wells. The strength is low and the applicable engineering is limited. The current vertical pipe making machine has been gradually eliminated by the market.


2. Centrifugal tube making machine: The centrifugal tube making machine was invented by Australians in the early 20th century. Due to the early invention, simple equipment and easy operation, it has been widely used for a long time. The concrete used in the centrifugal process is wet concrete, and the strength label is C40 or C50, so the strength of the produced pipe is very high. It relies on the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the mold driven by the motor. The concrete is evenly spread on the inner wall of the mold to discharge excess water and cement slurry To make the concrete dense, so there is waste slurry produced during the production of this process, which has been replaced by a suspended roller machine that appears later than it. Now in China, the centrifugal tube machine is mainly used to produce cement well pipes or cement poles, etc. Concrete products with small diameter and large length.


3. Suspended roller tube making machine: Suspended roller machine is the main force in the production of reinforced concrete drainage pipes in China, and it occupies an important position in building materials machinery. It was first adopted by the Australian Rocla Company in 1943. It has undergone several changes so far, and it has become a concrete product machine with simple structure and wide application. The dry roller concrete pipe is used in the hanging roller mechanism. The mix ratio is C30. It is driven by the motor to rotate the mold on the roller shaft, which is beneficial to the mold And the self-weight of the concrete in the mold compacts the concrete, and the produced pipe has high strength and good appearance quality.