What Are The Basic Maintenance Of Cement Pipe Making Machine?

- Mar 17, 2020-

First we must ensure the cleanliness of the cement pipe making machine. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the pipe-making machine products to ensure that there is no accumulated cement slurry near the product. After all, excessive accumulation of cement slurry is often very detrimental to the operation of the machine. In addition, we must make reasonable adjustments to the spacing of the products so that the machine can reasonably transmit power and achieve the ideal use effect. If the rotating part of the machine has a stiff problem, we can apply lubricant to the machine, so that the machine can run more flexibly. Of course, we can't ignore the detection problems of the cement pipe making machine. We must regularly check the machine accordingly. If problems are found in the machine, we need to perform maintenance in a timely manner, and we must properly fill the worn parts of the machine. Of course, the size of the fill is also particular about it. For the deceleration part of the machine, we must pay attention to its lubrication effect at the time of maintenance, apply lubricant regularly, and cool it.


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