What Are The Requirements For Cement When Using Cement Pipe Equipment?

- Apr 03, 2020-

1,To prevent the cement from being hardened by moisture during storage. Because the cement will lose its original strength after hardening and hardening, affecting the quality of the product, and for those cements that have been wetted to form agglomeration or hardening, they must be screened when they are used.


2. Avoid the problem of frostbite due to low temperature. This problem mainly occurs in winter or seasons with large temperature differences. If the cement products made by the machine are frozen, the water in the cement products will not be hydrated, and the water will freeze and expand, causing the surface to be damaged by the deepening of the surface and the inside.


3. For the produced products, we cannot directly expose them to the sun and dry them quickly, and they should be dried in the shade. If the concrete is exposed to sunlight after it is completed, it will rapidly evaporate with the moisture in it, which will reduce its strength, or even make it completely lose its strength. Therefore, the cement products must be strictly cleaned and replenished before construction. After the production is completed, they must be covered and regularly watered until fully formed.


4. After making the cement product, when placing it to dry, avoid the dirt and softness of the base layer. Because some cement products are produced and used directly, the cleanliness of the base layer is related to the degree of firm adhesion or grip of the other base layers. In some cases, the original base layer is smooth during construction. We must scour the base layer in advance to improve the firm adhesion to the base layer. As for the dust, greasy, acid and alkali and other substances on the base, it will have an isolation effect on cement products, so it must be cleaned.